I take pride in creating original quality products for the classroom. With an eye for detail and years of classroom experience, each resource takes a great deal of time to create. 

All of our printables are digital files created by ClassroomHQ. You will receive an email shortly after purchase with download links for your purchase.

Printables can be the most cost efficient way to resource your classroom. They can be printed immediately after purchase and, in the case of our classroom decor, edited to make your classroom uniquely yours.

With over 500 products to choose from, you can make your purchase from our shop, Teachers Pay Teachers store or Etsy.

Our resources

Frequent Questions

Custom orders are taken on a discretionary basis and determined by our availability. Please do not hesitate to inquire.

Do you take custom orders?

You will have access to the resource for the lifetime of the product. Updates made to the resource will also be made available to you at no extra cost. You may want to follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you don't miss anything. Adding our email address to your safe sender list will also ensure you don't miss any updates coming your way. Please also keep in mind our files work best when opened using a computer. Phones and tablets can have difficulty downloading large files.

How long will I have access to the file?

Most of our classroom décor can be edited and are created with this in mind. Some of our math and literacy resources can also be edited but read the description carefully before you purchase the printable or, if unsure, message us to ask.

Editable means the text, fonts and, sometimes, the size of the design can be edited. All files are in English and can only be typeset in another language when the item’s description indicates it as editable. Editable does not mean colour changes are possible.

Clip art images, artwork, background paper or any other design by classroomHQ cannot be used to create products for sale. Our printables are for single classroom personal use only.

Can I edit the printables?

You can use the link provided to download your file whenever you need but you can not share the link with anyone else. Copying any part of our products and placing them online in any form is strictly prohibited. This is a breach of our copyright and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Use of our resources for commercial purposes is also strictly forbidden without written permission. They are intended for single classroom use only.

How many times can I download the file?

All of our resources are delivered by email. If you do not see your order, please check all your folders including your spam/trash/junk folders. Please also be mindful that some workplaces have security restrictions blocking download links. If you do not see your order in these folders then please email me directly at support@classroomHQ.com and we will send you the file.

How do I find my resource?

No, I’m sorry I don’t. You can download the electronic file instantly and start using them straight away!

Do you ever print and post out resources?

I recommend using white digital paper for best results. If you need your resources to have greater durability or for classroom display, printing on white cardstock is recommended.

What paper should I use?

You can do either. I do most of my printing at home but you can also have your resources printed at a commercial print shop like Office Depot, Staples, Officeworks and the like. You can find the print permission on the last page of all of our resources if required.

Please also note printed colours may vary from one computer monitor to another, one printer to another and even when printed on different paper. ClassroomHQ is not responsible for any colour variations. No refunds or design revisions will be considered on this basis due to the vast number of variables involved in printing these resources.

Should I print them myself or send them to a print shop?

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Some of our resources have been saved as PDFs to help secure their formatting and/or to meet copyright restrictions. To protect this, a password has been added to prevent editing only, not to prevent printing. If you are using a PDF reader that asks for a password, it's recognising a password applies but isn't able to distinguish why. Try downloading and saving the file before opening it in ADOBE Reader which is free to download. Install ABODE, restart your computer to apply the install and then reopen your saved PDF with ADOBE Reader or the paid version Acrobat Pro.

I cannot open my PDF because it says I need a password. What do I do?

Sometimes you will see black boxes appear behind images on your PDF. It usually means your ADOBE Reader needs updating but it is very annoying as it doesn't show up on your print preview... something I discovered one night after printing 52 pages at home! To resolve this, update your PDF Reader, restart your computer to install the update and then print a single test page to ensure all is good. I also recommend only printing from your downloaded saved copy as the back boxes sometimes appear when printing from the preview screen that opens in your browser window.

Why are there boxes printing on my PDF?

All of our editable resources have been created as PowerPoint files. The fonts have been saved to the file but you will need an up to date version of Microsoft PowerPoint for this functionality to work correctly. 

Download your copy and save it to your computer or USB. Open the saved version for printing rather than using the one that sometimes opens in your browser window as this may also impact some of the saved functionality. If your fonts are misaligned on opening, this usually indicates the version of PowerPoint you are using doesn't recognise the saved functionality or, in some cases, your school server is blocking this function. Given the different systems and versions of PowerPoint people may be using, I can not guarantee the saved fonts will be available to all users but I have used them for demonstration purposes to show you how you might consider using the various resources.

All of the text in our editable PowerPoint files can easily by changed to your own choice of font.

I opened the file but why do the fonts look different?

You can find all of the fonts used in our resources credited on the final page of each file.

I like the fonts you use. Where can I find them?

PowerPoint files can be opened in other programs like Keynote and Google Slides or Docs but some of the functionality unique to PowerPoint may not work when opened in other programs like the saved fonts. Google does not allow for fonts to be imported currently. This simply means any saved fonts will be substituted on opening but does not impact your ability to use the file or edit the text to suit your own needs. Please be aware due to the large size of some files, not every PowerPoint will be able to opened in Google.

I want to use Google. Can I use PowerPoint files in Google Slides or Docs?

When I started my first blog in 2011, I named it 'You Clever Monkey', something my teacher mum used to say. It was a space for me to share teaching ideas and resources I was using in class and at home with my own three children.

Since I started teaching I've been making resources I needed but couldn't find anywhere for my class. Over time, more and more teachers were asking me for the resources I was creating and our blog shop opened in early 2013. 

Fast forward a decade and I'd become increasingly mindful that when not viewed through the same lens, our name, when used as a phrase, may cause some distress, something that made my heart hurt.

So I decided a name change was in order and despite the sentimental attachments to the name since my mum's passing, I said goodbye to 'youclevermonkey' and in 2022 introduced to the world - classroomHQ!

Our Journey

Why did you change the business name?


Living and working in Meru country, I acknowledge and respect the traditional custodians, the Ngawait people, and their Elders past, present and future. I acknowledge and respect the deep spiritual attachment and the relationship that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have to country.
This land always was and always will be Aboriginal land.